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Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar BarBuyan Russian Haute Cuisine and Cavar Bar, the first restaurant to offer iPad-base menu integrates mobile ordering with its payment. Buyan's customers are now be able to place their order on the iPad, with the precise order received in the kitchen and finally close the bill.

Partnering with Raptor POS solutions enables restaurants such as Buyan to run a faster table service, smoother operations, which translates to efficiency and profitability. A seamless, wireless ordering and payment solution reduces the walking back and forth to the POS terminal. Instead, guests can interact with the menu digitally and learn more about the dishes and wine pairing.

The Raptor POS is a management solution designed to replace the traditional cash register. Integrating with Swiff's payment solution, it offers a powerful total management tool to the hospitality business. Afterall, good food is only part of the dining experience. Service and entertainment are also integral to creating an overall atmosphere that is special and different.



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Swiff joins Genesis Consortium to offer a complete mobile solution to F&B businesses in Singapore The latest Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore revealed that the perceived service quality, one of the key drivers of customer satisfaction, has improved from 70.4 points in 2007 to 71.3 points in 2010. However, Singapore still lags behind Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo in service quality, while productivity in the sector is two-thirds to half that of other developed economies.

In the effort to encourage companies to adopt new technology to improve service delivery, SPRING Singapore will inject $75 million to boost productivity in the food services industry for the next five years. The money will be distributed as grants to help companies defray almost half the cost of improving efficiency - new technology, re-design workflow, train manpower and develop innovative food products and dining concepts.

The F&B service industry in Singapore comprises of 6,000 establishments, contributing $5.6 billion in operating receipts, with restaurants representing 35% of all F&B establishments.

The recent Infocomm Development Authority’s Call For Collaboration (CFC) for mobility solutions spurred the participation of DBS, Samsung, SingTel, Butterfly and Swiff to form a consortium with expertise to provide a complete wireless mobile payment solution to the Food & Beverage industry. The consortium (known as Genesis Consortium) provides an end-to-end mobile solution from ordering to payment over Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Restaurants will benefit from placing an order through a Samsung Galaxy Tablet reducing waiting time as orders are sent real-time to the kitchen. The bill is then be presented over the Tablet to the customer, while he verifies the amount and makes the payment with his credit card. The entire process and authorisation takes less than a minute to complete, and the customer has the option of receiving a printed copy of his receipt or have the receipt of the bill sent to him by email. The process which helps reduce billing errors while improving customer service give businesses the competitive edge.

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Swiff participates in SPRING Retail and Food Services Conference 2011 Swiff participates in the coming SPRING Retail and Food Services Productivity Conference 2011, 20 September at the Raffles City Convention Hall. This is a premier conference that features global and local renowned industry speakers and practitioners. At this conference, Swiff will be demonstrating how e-Menu Tablet Ordering and Payment helps businesses in the Food & Beverage industry improve efficiency and productivity in a seamless process.

Simulating a cafe concept at the exhibition,  Swiff displays how simple an ordering process takes place from selecting from a choice of beverage to making a credit card payment on an e-Menu Tablet with a simple tap and swipe over Wi-fi or broadband connection.  As such, Food & Beverage operators will benefit from increased productivity, reduced operational costs and while driving improved customer service.

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Swiff launches its first iPad Payment Processing at Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar  

Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar

Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar chooses Swiff as its mobile payment solution provider. Famed for its collection of wine and champagne treasures, Buyan is also the first paperless restaurant to offer its menu on the iPad. With Swiff's mobile payment solution, customers will be paying their dining bills directly from the iPad, offering a whole new dining experience.

Traditionally, when a bill is presented, the customer will whip out his credit card and the waiter will take it away to process the payment behind the counters. Now, customers will see their credit card being processed in front of them, within sight.

They are instead presented with an iPad to pay the bill at their table where they will sign digitally on the iPad. What's more, Swiff's unique security features ensure that each and every transaction is authenticated and highly secured.

Buyan sees a huge added value in adopting an all-digital and paperless restaurant management system. No more payment slips, no more signature handling. Going paperless shortens the process of ordering to billing, simplifying check balances and audits.

Swiff and Buyan are also looking at expanding their partnership to fully integrate the entire restaurant management system from ordering to payment in one seamless solution.

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Jimmy Monkey cafe & bar chooses Swiff mobile payment  

Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar

Jimmy Monkey cafe & bar chooses Swiff as its payment solution, deployed jointly in partnership with YuuPay. A highly customised mobile payment application at Jimmy Monkey shows Swiff's flexibility to provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of the merchants. Customers will now be able to pay for Jimmy Monkey's real Australian brew and experience payment on the outlet's iPad or iPod. What's more, a personalised email is also sent to its customers with details of the bill with the signature in a digital format attached.

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