Swiff offers Mobile developers an edge to their app

DEC 2011. Swiff's inter-app communication protocol is now available on iOS and Android platforms, offering mobile developers an edge to their applications with the integration of a mobile payment solution.

Swiff's mobile payment solution allows mobile developers to call out the Swiff application to process credit card payments in a secure way and return to the calling app in a smooth and efficient way. For the option of SDK toolkit, (now only available for iOS) developers will add just a few lines of code to obtain a secured authenticated payment solution.

According to research firm Gartner, global mobile apps revenue, which include ad revenue will hit US$9 billion (S$11 billion) this year, and is projected to hit US$52.3 billion in 2015.

In Singapore, a study commissioned by the Media Development Authority (MDA) on the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) sector here, the mobile segment was found to have experienced the highest revenue growth rate, compared to other IDM segments such as gaming and publishing. Although revenue jumped 21 per cent from 2009 to last year, (hitting S$455 million), it is not known the number of successful developers that are able to monetise their apps.

Tertiary institutions Ngee Ann, Republic Polytechnic and National University of Singapore (NUS) have started studies in application programming to prepare students and boost the talent IT pool in the country. Employment in the mobile segment, which included apps within social media networks, jumped 37 per cent in the same period.

Payment is an integral part of any business. Mobile developers developing business-centric applications will be able to integrate Swiff's mobile payment application to complete a broader, end-to-end business solution. In this crowded marketplace of apps, the challenge is providing real value to customers, and be able to grasp the concept of providing greater value-added services to businesses.

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