Singapore, November 13th, 2013 – SCCP Group, the holding company of Swiff end-to-end solutions in mobile payments, has launched Swiff Partner Program, which aims to bring a comprehensive suite of m-commerce solutions under one roof.  In linking up with key players in the industry, the Swiff Partner Program will accelerate the distribution and use of mobile payment solutions.

    The Swiff Partner Program is set to benefit numerous players in the payment ecosystem.  For banks, it presents an opportunity to upsell industry specific expertise and applications as a value-added service to their merchant community and use solution partners as a channel through which new merchants can be acquired.  Solution partners can incorporate the consolidated suite of Swiff solutions (such as mPOS and mWallet) into their own apps and solutions and upsell industry specific applications to their merchant community.  They will also  benefit from access to SCCP Group's critical mass of acquirers and merchants and will receive support and training to integrate their products with the Swiff solutions suite. For merchants, the Program affords considerable efficiency improvements by offering industry specific applications - that can be either ‘off-the-shelf’ or bespoke – that are pre-integrated with the Swiff suite of products . The Swiff Partner Program, therefore represents a real game-changing proposition to merchants allowing them to:

    • provide improved, more personal, customer service
    • reduce the security risk and the high cost of handling cash
    • inexpensively provide a greater  number of payment points; reducing retail queue times,
    • provide automated real time inventory management,
    • increase sales conversion rates by accepting card payments when a potential customer has insufficient cash.

    SCCP is partnered with a wide range of solution providers from mobile device manufacturers to vertical solution providers, telcos, and SI/development shops that specialize in delivering custom solutions tailored to the merchant’s specific requirements.  For example:

    • Samsung provides a wide assortment of their latest smart devices, certified and bundled with the Swiff product suite;
    • Eleos, with their Octopus Mobile POS Solution integrated with Swiff Pay, enables retail and food/beverage merchants to realize significant value from a single mobile solution that supports the sales process from initial customer engagement to fulfilment; and
    • Tabsquare, with their cloud-based mobile solution, provides restaurants and hotels with an intuitive, seamless interface to manage orders, reservations, and payments.

    In addition, the Swiff Partner Program includes partners in transportation and logistics and those that span multiple industries.

    “Leveraging on our unique track-record of more than 20 banks across Asia, Russia and CIS, Middle-East and the US, we trust that our initiative, to share the collective experience and solutions from our partner ecosystem, will bring significant value to our customers globally”, comments Jerome Clé, SCCP Group’s CEO. Adding: “Swiff Partner Program  along with Swiff Advisory, the professional services we have packaged for our customers to tailor their merchant acquisition programs, are at the core of SCCP Group’s strategy to bring more added value to its customers.”

    “Integrating SCCP’s robust payment technology with our best in class smart devices is a powerful combination that has enabled merchants regardless of segments and industries to realize the benefits and efficiencies of conducting business on the go ”, says  Craig Gledhill, Vice President Enterprise Business, Southeast Asia and ANZ, for Samsung Electronics.

    SCCP Group is drawing on its strengths and those of its partners to offer a mutually beneficial program, which will bring value to each player in the payment ecosystem.  For participating solution partners SCCP provides dedicated support and education as well as a complete set of documentation to integrate their applications with the Swiff product suite.  For further inquiries or details on how to get engaged, please contact: [email protected].


    About SCCP Payment Services Holdings, Ltd.

    SCCP Payment Services Holdings, Ltd. is a global innovator in secure mobile-based payment technologies. Incorporated in 2010, SCCP’s Swiff brand brings together a suite of end-to-end secure payment solutions to card issuing and merchant acquiring services around the world. Using the company’s unique, and fully patented, proprietary technologies in payment processing and authentication, the merchant customers of financial institutions are able to deploy one integrated payment solution. Headquartered in Singapore, SCCP delivers tailored, white-label payment solutions for its customers in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the Americas.  To discover more, please visit

    About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in technology, opening new possibilities for people everywhere. Through relentless innovation and discovery, we are transforming the worlds of televisions, smartphones, personal computers, printers, cameras, home appliances, LTE systems, medical devices, semiconductors and LED solutions. We employ 270,000 people across 79 countries with annual sales of US$187.8 billion. To discover more, please visit

    About Eleos Web PTE, Ltd.

    Eleos  is an independent software vendor that creates it’s own software for the retail & hospitality industry.  Our point of sales software, called Octopus™, has been serving many retailers & restauranteurs in Singapore and around the world.  Our clients range from big name retailers such as Billabong, Club 21, Massimo Bonini and Richard Mille to restaurants such as New Harbour Cafe, Museo, and Jalan Kayu Prata. For more information, please visit


    About Tabsquare

    TabSquare provides innovative in-store consumer engagement solutions for the food & beverage and hospitality industry that are changing the way consumers interact with the retail environment. Our portfolio of products include tablet-based digital interactive e-menu systems for restaurants, bars & cafes, with a fully integrated order management, billing automation and payment collection system.  For additional information, please visit

    Visa Signs Agreements with Leading mPOS Providers, Swiff among them

    June 6, 2013

    Card brand Visa Inc. has added three mobile point-of-sale providers to its Visa Ready Program, amongst them Swiff mPOS, and approved two additional mPOS providers to accept Visa payments, the company said. Read more @

    Download the full press release:

    pdf-icon_small 13-06-04_PRESS_RELEASE_Visa_Ready_mPOS_Momentum_FINAL

    SCCP's Swiff mPOS platform is prominently featured in Total Payments quick guide to mPOS players in Asia

    May 23, 2013

    SCCP's Swiff mPOS platform is prominently featured in Total Payments quick guide to mPOS players in Asia. Download the full report to learn about this rapidly evolving sector at

    SCCP France is proud to announce its newest Swiff mWallet contract with VikingCo

    May 23, 2013

    SCCP France is proud to announce its newest Swiff mWallet contract with VikingCo, a Belgian company with among others the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Mobile Vikings under its umbrella.  The launch is planned for September.  “We are proud to represent and develop VikingCo’s mWallet application,” said CEO of SCCP France, Benoit Delestre.  This first international move outside of France is the first step in the French leader’s global strategy for the mWallet.  VikingCo will be the first to launch the Swiff mWallet, marking an impressive international pipeline for the future of the mWallet.

    “VikingCo looks forward to partnering with the SCCP Group and to launching the Swiff mWallet to better adapt to the future of payments and loyalty.  As a mobile service provider, it is a natural progression to choose the secure Swiff mWallet,” explains Chief Innovation Manger Jan De Meester of VikingCo.

    With nine current and upcoming applications and almost 20,000 transactions, SCCP France paves the way for the new form of payment that meets merchant and end-consumer needs while transcending security and compliance standards.  An already deployed mWallet application with key client, Meyclub ProwebCE, offers access to over 7,000 member enterprises, with a potential for over 5 million users!

    VikingCo will be invited to the first meeting of the Users Club that will take place on June 4th at the upscale Trocadero Business Center in Paris.  An invitation-only event, SCCP France has decided to launch to create platform for sharing experiences and discussing user trends. Thanks to SCCP’s expertise, the Group will showcase the Swiff mWallet and explore how the mWallet integrates into a merchant growth strategy, as well as carefully define the market, and the demands of the current and future market.  CEO of SCCP’s French affiliate Benoit Delestre will present the factors critical to success and the capabilities of the Swiff product suite.  As a testament to the success and potential for the Swiff mWallet, representatives from Meyclub and VikingCo will attest to the integrative process and business potential for the innovative product.

    The exclusive Swiff mWallet User Club responds to the dynamic and active boost and maturity of the mWallet portfolio for the Group.  As the mWallet evolves, SCCP remains at the forefront of development, creating an opportunity to discuss, evaluate and expand their understanding of the user experience.

    More information about VikingCo:

    Krunsgri Quick Pay Thailand – National Ad Campaign

    Krunsgri is continuously promoting their Quick Pay mobile payment solution, which utilizes our Swiff mPOS platform in Thailand. This campaign will be ongoing in the Thai national press and will reach out to a large audience of merchants and users from all sectors.

    Quick Pay Ads

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