Buyan to deploy Swiff mobile payment on iPad


Buyan, a haute cuisine restaurant offering their entire menu on iPad will deploy Swiff's payment solution on its iPads. Buyan customers do not need to see their credit card being taken away before being presented a payment slip, they are instead presented with an iPad to pay the bill at the table and sign digitally on the iPad.

Sebastien Pequeux, Buyan's General Manager, sees a huge added value in all-digital and paperless restaurant management system. No more payment slips, no more signature handling procedures, it is all digital and easily retrievable for checks and audits.

Swiff and Buyan are also looking at expanding their relationship to fully integrate the entire restaurant management system. Clients will not only be able to browse the menu and pay using the iPad, soon also orders as well as the bill presentation will be in digital format on the iPad to finally swipe the credit card and sign at once.