Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Swiff?

  • A plumber who wants to be able to accept credit cards in his customers' home.

  • A taxi driver who wants to get customers in and out faster while reducing the clutter of paper receipts.
  • A food truck that wants a simple and easy way to accept payments on the move.
  • A restaurant that offers a personalized payment experience at the customer's table.
  • An insurance agent who wants to accept electronic payments instead to solve payment collection problems.

Swiff enables anyone with an iOS or Android device to sign up and accept credit cards in minutes. The app is free, download it now from Apple App Store or Android Market.


What information do I need to sign up with Swiff?

Once your application received, we will contact you for more information such as business registration number, bank account details and operating markets.


Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB and Discover.


Using Swiff and troubleshooting

Why do I need a PIN?

Swiff provides a PIN to make sure only the administrator of the Swiff apps is allowed to change the MID. This is to prevent fraud and unethical use of the app.


Swiff+: How do I use the 4G Secure authentication?

Prior to using Swiff+, make sure you installed the 4G Secure authentication app. You will also need to register following 4G Secure's registration process before being able to use the strong authentication.

Once all the installation and registration done, make sure you call the 4G Secure OTP prior to processing the payment, otherwise the payment request will be blocked.


Swiff+: My payments keep on being rejected

Make sure the time of your device is correct and your time zone is correctly set. The 4G Secure authentication is time sensitive.


My card reader does not work

Make sure the sound settings of your device are set to maximum volume. If this does not solve the issue, remove the device while the app is running and check if you can hear a sound from your device. If no sound is audible, re-install the app.