Our philosophy

At SCCP, we believe in synergies to achieve a greater goal. SCCP’s portfolio is constructed around companies each contributing to SCCP’s vision of delivering safe, easy and secure payment solutions.

Our portfolio companies span the entire region between Europe and Asia including Australia and New Zealand. Focusing on rapid expansion through scalable processes, SCCP works hand in hand with its portfolio companies to deploy end-to-end solutions in each geography.

SCCP brings together a suite of payment solutions that can be implemented in a modular way for optimal suitability. From single purpose solutions to integrated end-to-end platforms, SCCP delivers tailored solutions to give you an edge to your business.

  • Financial services
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Enterprises
  • Telecommunication
  • Technology
  • Transportation

From enhanced authentication to m-commerce solutions, SCCP enables merchants and institutions around the world to deploy one integrated payment solution for retail stores, web sites, and mobile sites.


  • ACH direct debit, and Pin debit
  • Billing and payment collection
  • Membership and loyalty programmes
  • Payment solutions and processing
  • Payment processing platforms
  • Real-time fraud and risk tools
  • Residual payments and reporting
  • Shopping cart facilities
  • Switch payment systems


Swiff is a mobile payment platform offering an end-to-end secured mobile payment solutions to banks, processers, networks and merchants. Using a plug-in device, Swiff transforms smartphones and tablet computers to a mobile credit card terminal accessible anytime, anywhere.

4G Secure

4G Secure is an embedded application which provides strong authentication to ensure secure access to online and mobile services. The applications include generating 2D barcode and two-factor authentication which could be used in isolation or in combination to ensure a higher level of security.

The patented solution is ideal for banking, cloud and VPN access, travel and ticketing, payments, coupons, vouchers and gaming.


YuuPay is a mobile payment gateway providing fast, easy and secure end to end payment processing solutions for e-commerce and m-commerce merchants as well as brick and mortar merchants requiring online and mobile payment solutions.