Yuupay is a mobile payment gateway for empowering organisations and merchants to deliver effective m-commerce. Compatible, cost-effective, and consistent: YuuPay connects your products and services to millions of mobile phone users globally.

Effective and secure m-commerce relies on a trusted payment gateway. Yuupay offers its payment solutions to hundreds of merchants around the world. By enabling the acceptance of electronic payments globally, YuuPay improves merchant operating efficiencies, reduces delinquencies and offers the customer suitable and convenient payment options. Additionally YuuPay offers a unique integrated micro billing, credit and debit card-billing platform.

Enabling mobile commerce

Mobile usage is fast moving from voice to data with over 70% of subscribers accessing their mobile devices for mobile entertainment and information.

Mobile enables the transition from "A computer on every desk" to "A computer in every hand". This transition has revolutionized data distribution, as the mobile is always with the user, is always on and is virtually always accessible. In parallel with the fast growth of mobile data use, the market model is now changing from a paid content & services model focused on youth only - to a blended content and ad-supported model with a broad demographic base of users, with different and expanding needs.