Getting Started

What is Swiff?

Swiff is a mobile payment solution that takes mobile payments to the next level of convenience and security. Businesses will be able to quickly, effectively accept electronic payments securely on the move from their mobile phones.

Who needs Swiff?

Swiff is ideal for businesses moving towards paperless environment, with a mobile sales force, or with high credit card transactions.


  • A contractor who wants to be able to accept credit cards in his customers' place
  • A taxi driver who wants to get customers in and out faster while reducing the clutter of paper receipts
  • A food or tow truck service that requires payment processing on the move
  • A restauranteur who wants a more personalised payment experience
  • An insurance agent who wants to accept electronic payments from his customer

How do I register for Swiff?

Once your registration is received, an Account Manager will contact you for an appointment, and for other information to process the application form required by the bank with details such as business registration number, bank account number and contact.

How does Swiff work?

Swiff works in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Registration. To open an account, merchants can go to

2. Download. The Swiff application can be found in App Store or Android Market.

3. Sign In. To activate the device, key in the activation code which will be generated and sent to you via email.

Now you are ready to accept credit card payments.

Which are the credit cards are accepted?

Visa and MasterCard. American Express is accepted depending on the countries as well as Diners and JCB.

How do I view all previous transactions made?

Sign in to your account and you will be able to retrieve all transaction data.

How much does it cost to use Swiff?

For Transaction charges, rates will vary depending on the bank, country of operation and the nature of your business. A One-time setup fee and Annual fee charges may or may not apply depending on the discretion of the bank. For a free assessment, allow us to submit your application on your behalf to the bank.

What are the benefits of using Swiff?

Businesses will be able to experience 1. an improved customer service due to the flexibility of accepting payments via credit cards anytime, anywhere. 2. faster transactions and shorter customer waiting time 3. an increase in customer service resulting in better loyalty.

What are the countries where you can use Swiff?

Currently, Swiff is available in Singapore and Malaysia. Europe, the USA, Canada and South America will be launched soon.