Troubleshooting the device

Why do I need a PIN?

Swiff provides a PIN to ensure that only the Administrator of the Swiff app is allowed to change the MID. This prevents fraud and mis-use of the app.

My card reader does not synchronize

To synchronize the card reader with your mobile device with my iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

  1. Turn off the volume limit in your settings:
    • Settings -> iPod -> Volume Limit Off or;
    • Settings -> Music -> Volume Limit Off
  2. Plug in your device and set the sound volume to maximum

My card reader does not work

Ensure your reader synchronises with the mobile device before use. If the reader does not synchronise, please check that all sound settings (as detailed in the reader synchronisation section).

Before you swipe a credit card, tap the 'Swipe' icon and try again. Ensure that the sound settings of your mobile device is set to maximum volume. If the problem persists, re-install the app.