Swiff launches its first iPad Payment Processing at Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar


Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar chooses Swiff as its mobile payment solution provider. Famed for its collection of wine and champagne treasures, Buyan is also the first paperless restaurant to offer its menu on the iPad. With Swiff's mobile payment solution, customers will be paying their dining bills directly from the iPad, offering a whole new dining experience.

Traditionally, when a bill is presented, the customer will whip out his credit card and the waiter will take it away to process the payment behind the counters. Now, customers will see their credit card being processed in front of them, within sight.

They are instead presented with an iPad to pay the bill at their table where they will sign digitally on the iPad. What's more, Swiff's unique security features ensure that each and every transaction is authenticated and highly secured.

Buyan sees a huge added value in adopting an all-digital and paperless restaurant management system. No more payment slips, no more signature handling. Going paperless shortens the process of ordering to billing, simplifying check balances and audits.

Swiff and Buyan are also looking at expanding their partnership to fully integrate the entire restaurant management system from ordering to payment in one seamless solution.